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Services of Software house

Jun, 09, 2020, By CatbonicIT

The fact which cannot be denied that the process of creating a software is perplexing and incorporates steps for example plan, design, implement, test that require the competence of different coding experts. This is the reason that a significant number of organizations are developing software and application in order to become digitally available and accessible to their client.

While some software development companies focus on a specific aspect of software production (for example, the frontend or backend), others take on more general software projects or provide IT consulting services.

What are the types of software companies?

IT companies may vary from one another based upon there size and number of employees. Still, it’s possible to broadly classify them into two distinct types:

  • service-based companies
  • >product-based companies

Product-based companies

As its name suggests product based companies are which revolves around developing their own software product. These are organizations that work on their own products and deliver them to end-users, which can be both businesses and individual consumers; such organizations invest time and money into developing the out-of-the-box solutions. They create software products which are used by other companies to solve different business problems.

Product based companies?

Yeah Right! Microsoft, Adobe, Google etc. are product based companies; they offer a broad range of out-of-the-box solutions that can be customized and configured to match specific business needs.

However, these out-of-the-box solutions might have their limitations such as licensing is often quite expensive, copyright issues.

Service-based companies

Such IT companies/ software houses are individual entities which are hired by businesses to make digital solutions according to their needs and provide them with vast range of services – for example, development of custom software solutions or delivery of technical expertise in the form of team extension/argumentation, dedicated teams, or project teams.

Organizations are benefitting from service based companies due to following reasons:

  • Software houses hire skilled and experienced software developers to provide best results
  • >No overhead costs such as salaries, workstations, hardware, networking; software development company takes care of it silently
  • Such companies have extensive expertise in creating custom softwares that can assist you in many different areas in many different ways– from product development , designing, building, debugging, user experience, interface designing, software architecture and quality assurance processes

Services provided by software houses

Let’s take a look

1. Web development

Web development refers to building digital products such as website for internet/intranet that operate in web environments. It can be a simple website or a complex web application that includes dozens line of code compressed and secured complex architecture. The emergence of innovative web technologies and Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) allowed developers to build websites that plug into countless yet useful features and functions.

2. Mobile Application development

In modern era of technology mobile application development in an integral part of digital world. Yet another key area in software development today focuses on building applications for mobile devices such as smartphones/ tablets and desktop systems. These days mainly two major operating systems are conquering digital market android and iOS.

Developers can also build cross-platform applications or hybrid applications that take advantage of web technologies, today there are a number of tools offering you to make both type of applications in a single tools without making changes to the code and switching between different programming languages.

3. Data science

It's certainly something new that seems to be on people's minds lately. Everyone is talking about it, and increasingly more people are hiring for it.

But what is it?

Data science, in layman terms is insights, any piece of information or really anything of value out of data. Data science is evolving so fast that it would be counterproductive to put in one or two definitions. Data science techniques when applied on data give new insights. Organizations of all sizes to generate plenty of data, but they can only unlock their value if they build analytics tools with the help of data scientists and software developers. To get actionable insights from data, data scientists mine and manipulate data with the help of data analytical/mining techniques

4. Web Application development

This service focuses on building applications that perform on traditional desktop operating systems such as Mac, Windows, or Linux. These applications work within the operating system of machines and assist the daily functionalities of organizations. While some companies prefer to have all of their applications in the cloud, others choose server-based apps for security and other reasons.

5. Cloud computing

A key service offered by software houses relates to cloud technologies. Traditionally, files were stored locally on personal computers or local servers. Today, businesses are starting to embrace cloud computing services and take advantage of networks of remote service servers hosted on the internet to store and manage data from anywhere any time. Software developers who deliver such services build solutions that integrate with cloud storage applications such as Amazon Web Services (AWS), Icloud by Apple etc.

6. IT team extension

A software house can expand the skills set of their internal IT teams with experts who specialize in specific areas. This service is perfect for companies looking to boost their IT processes with extra talent and keep up their momentum in business growth.

7. IT training

Business analysts and software engineers are encouraged to give presentations at IT conferences and events. They’re experienced educators who can deliver training sessions and workshops to companies looking to boost their internal resources within a short time-frame.

8. Research & Development

To be competitive and consistent in this sector, organizations set up internal R&D departments and invest in bold spin-off initiatives. The teams of professional coding experts and software engineers can stay up to date with modern digital solutions and decrease the early sage development cost by 35- 50 percent


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