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Jun, 09, 2020, By CatbonicIT

The title digital marketing itself tags along the fact that it’s the kind of promotion which involves every electronic mean available. We bend the romanticized connection of computer and internet according to our own requirements.

According to the Digital Marketing Institute, "Digital Marketing is the use of digital channels to promote or market products and services to targeted consumers and businesses."

It was not until 1994 that the marketers became sure of the reform, digital marketing was to bring about; because, previously the World Wide Web only relied on web1.0 platform, which had nothing interactive and was static, waiting to come to life.

In the present era, where there’s nothing that can’t be done—thanks to technology and it’s novelty of course, it certainly is also extra supportive in building up your business empire. It’s an age where even the babies have gone digital—saying this, literally; conventional means of communication has been left behind. And obviously a business is considered victorious which has a maximum outreach to its respective customers.

Either it’s an online plumbing service or a fancy clothing store, there’s a customer of every age and every social background; the only predominant feature common between them is, by what digital tactics they are being reached by the commerce industry.

While we take off to discuss digital marketing in the present age, there’s a minor difference we need to understand. Since in the corporate center, little differences make big impacts.

People often confuse inbound marketing and digital marketing. Digital marketing are the highlighted strategies you would want to adopt in order to become recognized as a brand. It’s an umbrella term which further includes

  • Inbound and outbound marketing
  • Social media marketing (SMM)
  • Search engine marketing (SEM)
  • Email
  • PPC (pay per click)

What is inbound marketing? — a subunit of digital marketing. Inbound marketing is considered to be the showcase strategy you adopt for your content in branding. Simply explained as content production, SEO (search engine optimization) and analytics. Inbound marketing revolves around observation. It focuses on the plan of bragging about the products and services your brand has to offer as well as what better do you have on board, as -- The bee stays not in a hive that has no honey.

Look around and you’ll see what revolution the digital marketing has brought about in the lead generation. While studying the digital marketing dashboard you’ll be able to weigh your options, as it has so much to bargain on. Don’t over-stress about the budgeting options, it’s the most cost effective means of marketing.

The next question which arises here is how will a business embrace digital marketing approach? – It’s a systematic process which takes lots of innovation and requires a lot of lead roles. It’s a profit-promising bid you’ll make. Construction of a digital marketing team is the foremost step to be taken. This isn’t a one man job, having a successful and lucrative repute in the digital market requires an efficient set of digital content creators.

Considering case where a software development company starts a digital campaign for fencing its target customer and moreover to develop a central standing in the market

  • The content producer of the enterprise produces attractive yet descriptive content for explaining about the services of the company
  • The graphic designer then blends in the text which catchy visuals to design brochures etc.
  • A social media marketing manager puts them up on Facebook or Instagram social media pages and stimulates them through organic or paid promotions
  • Taking this towards a technical side, a search engine marketing specialist plays his tricks to boost SEO and track market trends in search engines such as google ads etc.

This is a long chain which grows with constant innovative techniques to enhance branding in the digital market

How is it influential in business growth?

1. An equal opportunity in the sun

While looking above in a forest you see a thick canopy of trees, the sunlight hardly reaches the ground. Often the sunlight of the fellow trees also gets blocked by eachother. It’s kind of a same phenomenon when it comes to reputation in the corporate center.

Digital marketing has solved this problem by providing an equal opportunity to all enterprises whether big or small—medium would count too. It all then comes down to the kind of ideas you generate or the implementation strategies of integrated marketing solutions. Customer engagement is the key to treasure of business growth. Digital marketing provides you an equal chance of being successful by competing in a way that leaves a mark.

2. Brand identity matters

World is a small place to live in. Today your worldwide repute depends on what do you have, to display in your gallery. Dull and grey brand matter do not attract the target audience. The wide platform of digital marketing strategy enables you to develop a self-explanatory portfolio of your company which reach customers through automated means such as social media.

This is the beauty of modern technology that it has helped man in lessening the burdened on its self by distributing responsibility with the modern technology. This furthermore has a greater potential of enticing the target consumer, for growth of your customer circle.

3. Greater outreach

Digital marketing helps an enterprise grow globally, its reaches a number of foreign audience – miles covered within seconds. Business in under debt when it comes to digital marketing for higher growth percentages, revenue generation, ROI and higher customer engagement.

The positive reviews and feedbacks generated on availing quality services/products by the customers goes viral world-wide, that’s how internet and modern technology has shrunken the world into a global village. This helps fellow individuals to become enlightened by the kind of services and products you have to offer.

4. Cost-effectiveness

Conventional means of advertisement such as the print media and billboard advertising use to cost a pile, whereas digital means of advertising has greatly brought the cost down.

Digital marketing also includes paid Ads and paid promotions but the investment is worth due to increasingly higher customer influx. Moreover, digital marketing along with direct customer targeting hold a larger return of investments (ROI). Furthermore, social media marketing campaigns where content is promoted through organic posts provides you free of cost platform to reach the targeted consumer.

All that costs in digital marketing is time –make sure to produce content that holds a prominent entity in the market.


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