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How It Works

How it Works

For Employers

Employers get started by submitting their company details and profile. They also send us compact information on what type of talent they are currently seeking.

Recruiters get matched with skilled and qualified individuals based on the previously provided details.

After getting matched with talented people that are according to your required skill set, we send you the CV or Resume along with additional details of these candidates.

Employers assess and evaluate those candidates based on the provided information and get back to the shortlisted candidates for the next step in recruitment process.

For Employees

At HR Agency, sign up and provide us with a few details about yourself, along with a detailed CV or Resume. We have a team of professionals that carefully assess and categorize you in our database, based on this information.

After we have carefully examined your CV or Resume, along with all other details, we match you with prospective recruiters and headhunters that require services of people just like you.

Once you’ve been matched with recruiters of your related field, we deliver your profiles to those recruitment companies. These companies then perform their own due processes of screening and recruitment.

The employees are not left in wait to hear from these recruiters, as you can always follow up on your applications sent via us.