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House Help

Here is where you find the safe house to help you struggle to find on your own. We run strict background tests to make sure the person we are sending into your personal promises is safe. If you seek to hire house help, we will do the job for you

Hire The Best House Help Employees

House help used to provide comfort to the employer's family. House help roles have evolved. House help is responsible for household security, maintaining household supplies, and running all family errands. Depending on the staff's size or home, he or she may have cooking and cleaning duties and be the only staff member.

Driver / Handyman

Whether you need a full-time driver or someone who perform other duties and drive as a small part of his responsibilities, we have them.


A housekeeper's duties are cleaning, including dusting, making beds, laundry, and ironing, etc. A housekeeper may grocery shop, run errands, or have light childcare responsibilities.

Executive Housekeeper

The head housekeeper or housekeeper. His roles are supervising any outside services, setting the house on a weekly systematic cleaning schedule, running household errands, and supervise any additional cleaning staff or cleaning services.


Preparing clothing for wash, stain removal, check for any minor repairs, hand washing, press, iron or steam, folding and putting away all laundry, pick up of dry cleaning, and closet and wardrobe organization.

Nanny / Mother’s Helper / Baby sitter / Baby Nurse

Although all of the above-mentioned titles have caring for children in common, they are all quite different. We provide specialized professionals for each role, i.e. nanny, mother’s help, baby sitter, and baby nurse.