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HR Services

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Reference Verification image

Reference Verification

For people coming to us through a reference, we always double check the reference and make sure that it is a valid one. The HR Agency is known for its professionalism and we aim to build unbreakable trust between us and our clients.

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Degree Verification

For individuals with degrees and diplomas, we perform a mandatory degree verification, where we send an informal request to the concerned department to verify the information provided by the degree holder. It is also a very important step as an organization hiring qualified individuals, would never want to hire someone who is an imposter or a fake.

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Criminal Check

A criminal is globally deemed unfit to work in a professional setting. That is why we make it our mission to rule out any candidates that have such a background. It is really important for an organization to hire people that are completely clear of any criminal charges.

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Drug Test

A drug test is also very crucial for someone considering to work in a professional environment. We, at HR Agency, take it very seriously to make sure that everyone we hire or refer for hiring is a complete professional.

Background Check image

Background Check

On our client’s demands, we can also perform a thorough and detailed background check on candidates that they are considering to hire. A background check is very important as it reflects how seriously you take your hiring process. Some major government organizations allocate their resources to this step, otherwise most of the organizations skip this step. As this needs special teams and resources to actually perform a background check on someone.

Experience Verification image

Experience Verification

Many people think that they can lie on their resume or cv and get away with it. People do get away with it because the recruiting companies don’t have enough time and resources to perform a background check on every potential candidate. But HR Agency has a specialized team of individuals working tirelessly to make sure that we forward only those candidates who are honest and true in their dealing and who do not show any fake experience in their cv or resume.

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Interview Short Listing

If our clients ask us to select a number of potential candidates for a certain position, we can perform all the preliminary scrutiny and send in the required number of selected candidates, to be interviewed by company’s panel.

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CV Collection

We collect CV from every candidate that applies for a position through us. All the information on this CV is also thoroughly verified by professionals at our company. Whenever needed, we can get Curriculum Vitae from a number of potential candidates for you. This way all the information is already verified and all the candidates are readily available for evaluation and comparison.

Types of employees - We find the right people for the right job

Temporary and Contract-Based

Our HR agency finds quick replacements, temporary staff fixes, and contract-based employees on urgent basis. We help you tackle with heavy workload seasons, sick days, meet project deadlines without having to hire permanent employees. We can help you hire people on short term contracts. Our HR connects you with prescreened and tested professionals within 48 hours. We help you hire

  • Project specialists
  • Fill-ins for vacation/leave coverage
  • Short-term employees for workload peak periods.


We provide pre-screened perfect matches for our job descriptions. You can try the employees we connect you to for a short period of time and decide if you want to hire them or not. We reduce your risk of loss of time and monetary loss involved in hiring process.

  • Try and test skills and work experience of our recommended professionals.
  • Hire them after you’re fully satisfied with the hires.


Our HR Help will find the right people to manage your employees. If you need someone to manage the payrolls, monitor employee productivity and generate reports, train employees, or supervise your workforce, we will send in our best managerial professionals to manage your teams for short or long terms.

Part-Time Workers

If you’re looking for part-time workers who can work on the unconventional office hours, we have got your back. We have a pool of professionals who prefer pat-time jobs because of their schedules. Whether you want a part-time writer, warehouse worker or baby-sitter, we will fill your part-time employee need.

  • If you need employees to work after the conventional hours, we will connect you with the people who prefer part-time jobs.

Remote Workers

Hiring remote employees gives you access to global talent and benefit your company. But hiring remote worker is not for every business, if your employees don’t need hands on manual labor and you can do without the conventional managerial roles, you can hire remote employees. It is always a risk finding reliable remote employees, we help you find them. Your trust issues are dealt by us, it is our responsibility to connect you with the ideal employees.